Abu Atwa
Health unit

Family Medicine Units and Centers Project, Abu Atwa Family Medicine Unit, Ismailia Governorate

Abu Atwa

Abu Atwa Center consists of: waiting، medicalfiles,Medical،Registration,Beneficiary Services, accounts, Security 2 ,administrative office, Seniors’ office, health office, IT, Center Manager, 2 vital signs.
family medicine clinic Gynecology and ultrasound clinic Kids Clinic, 3 specialized clinics, Family planning and ,counseling, 2 dental clinic, Vaccinations and follow-up of children, Continue Pregnancy, Emergency, note, pharmacy, pharmacy store, Bleeding healthy and awareness, blood lab, Take a blood clinic, Parasitology lab, Taking and collecting ,samples rays, sterilization, sterilization sort, washing machine, Laundry sorting.
clean missions، Dirty missions، Store، Every role has cleaning ،tools، medical waste، 4 ladies housing (studio)، ladies living، 4 men’s residence (studio)، men’s livelihood، Doh men’s water، Ladies toilet، Disabled toilet، main electrical room، Sub electric room، Rakat room، Changing men’s workers clothes، Men’s toilet، Changing the clothes of female workers، wheelchairs، Ladies toilet، Training.

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National Military production Authority


Dec 2019


UNnder construction

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